Ecuador Spore Syringe


This mushroom strain was discovered at high altitudes in Ecuador’s Andean region. Ecuador mushrooms produce medium to large sized fruits. It has a long, thick, meaty stalk as well as caramel caps. It has spores that are darker in color. It is a popular choice on a global scale. Because of its consistent flushes, it is a very popular species. Ecuador is a popular strain for mycologists and biologists to study.



Our Spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Ecuador spores in a syringe that has been individually packaged, as well as a sterile needle. Sales will fall in Idaho, Georgia, and California.

Spores should be used only for microscopy and taxonomy. The images displayed are only for educational purposes and are from cultivators and labs outside of the United States. Cultivation is illegal in many countries, including the United States. The purpose of this website is not to grow psilocybin mushrooms.

Did you know Ecuador exports $2 trillion (with a T) worth of bananas each year?

(What can we say, we like South American fruit facts.)

Today, you’re going to learn about another Ecuadorian export that’s even more intriguing than bananas: our Ecuadorian strain of Psilocybe cubensis spores are incredibly fascinating to study under the microscope! These spores are stunning because of their one-of-a-kind properties, which could only have evolved at a high altitude near the equator.

Let’s learn more about these Ecuadorian magic mushroom spores and why you should order a syringe or two from Quality Spores right away:

A Psilocybin Mushroom Spore Strain from Ecuador’s Highlands, Delivered to Your Door
In the wilds of Ecuador’s highlands, these spores would mature into beautiful-but-aggressive psilocybin mushrooms with thick stems. These spores, discovered growing at altitudes of over 3,500 feet, are naturally designed to survive in harsh conditions. This is beneficial to the amateur microscopist because it indicates that the spores are tough, strong, and resistant to contamination.

When mature, Ecuadorian psilocybin mushrooms would have medium- to large-sized fruiting bodies with large convex caps. Because of its proclivity to survive in a high altitude, rough environment, it colonizes aggressively in the mycelium stage. Some of the characteristics that contribute to these properties should be visible in the microstructure of a spore under a microscope.

Are Psilocybin Mushroom Spores from Ecuador Safe for New Microscopists?
We rated this spore strain as “intermediate” because it presents some unique taxonomic challenges. However, the effort may be well worth it for such an effective learning experience.

Because this magic mushroom spore strain is predisposed to survival in a difficult environment, you don’t need to be as concerned about contamination as you would be with other strains—however, make sure to follow all proper microscopy recommendations and procedures, as no strain is “immune” to contamination.

Because we know you want to get the most out of these spores, your order will include a 10ml syringe filled with spores as well as a complimentary sterile needle to help you distribute them onto your microscope slide. Please visit our resource Amateur Microscopy to learn more about what you’ll need to get started in the microscopy hobby.

Ecuador Mushroom Spores are available for purchase online from Quality Spores.
If this is your first time ordering from us, rest assured that you’re in good hands—we’ve been involved in the microscopy hobby for many years and only offer genuine spore products to our valued research customers.

Keep in mind that our spores are only for microscopy and taxonomy. Spores are legal in most of the United States because they do not contain any active psychoactive substances. Please read our in-depth resource Why Are Magic Mushroom Spores Legal? to learn more. We look forward to serving you and assisting you in achieving your educational goals!