Terms & conditions

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Nirvana Mushroom spores is here to provide you with the best psilocybin spores experience . We carry high quality spore syringes , spore prints and exotic  mushroom spores . 

We ship to all 50 states and worldwide  using our fast and discreet spores mail order service . Please before ordering from us , you need to accept the following terms and conditions .

  1. You must be an adult in your area or region where you are ordering from . We strictly do not sell to minors .
  2. You must understand that psilocybin spores are legal to use for microscopy research only in many states . We are not responsible for any other use you might engage in .
  3. We ship discreetly so your name might not appear on the package of your order but only the address . Make sure you claim your package once its your order on the label.

We thank you once more for ordering with us , Please make sure you send us a review after using our spores to our email.

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